Weight Gain Journey

My Weight Gain Journey

So where do I begin? Let me start with some background info on my general weight history and genetics. I’m 5’6″ by height but have been slim my whole life, I have long legs that tend to make me look slimmer than I actually am (who’s complaining though?!) and I have always maintained a healthy weight. I’ve never had any issues with my appetite as I’ve always been a foodie but last year in 2017 I managed to lose a whole 2st which makes a huge difference in my appearance as I’m already quite slim. My weight was fluctuating but due to stress, I was mainly losing weight and I had completely lost my appetite. My hair was falling and it was all a hot mess really. I was asked by colleagues or people who hadn’t seen me: “are you ok?” “omg are you on some kind of diet??” so when I was ready, this year in 2018, I put my foot down and started to focus on my well being and putting my weight back on. I took major steps and now I have managed to put that 2st back on and more! Here’s how I managed to do that:

  • First things first, mentally I had to prepare myself. I had to gain focus on my well being and overcome the issues that were causing my stress which ultimately led to my weight loss. Once I started dealing with these things, it was easy for me to enjoy the process and work with myself rather than feel like it was all a chore.
  • I then did a tonne of research which led me to my second move. I re-joined the gym and hired a militant PT for a month. This isn’t necessary but I needed the discipline and the extra push so a PT was perfect for me.
  • Thirdly I worked on my diet, aiming for circa 2500 calories a day. I started to religiously meal prep for my week at work, overdosing on healthy high calorie lunches and snacks for my days (recipes to come). Initially to help rebuild my appetite I started using Apetamin which I bought from The Gainers Club, and then once I was comfortable and used to eating multiple meals a day, I retired the Apetamin syrup. To also help total the calories, I was drinking Serious Mass. I will be sure to upload in depth reviews of both the Serious Mass shake & Apetamin syrup.
  • Fourth, I ditched the weighing scales. I almost became obsessed with numbers and my progress but to save my sanity, I got rid of my scales and decided to go with the flow, I started to feel the progress in the ways my clothes fit and the way I looked and this is much healthier for the mind than obsessing over how many kgs you weigh at the end of every week.
  • Finally, I just let this become a way of life, I try to eat clean as often as possible because I want to gain weight through healthy foods. I am just over 9st now and feeling great. I’ve become more confident at the gym and even Ramadan wasn’t enough to make me lose weight again!

You can find some before and afters on my instagram highlight reel: @salmaanella.



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