My Microdermal Experience

I receive so many messages and even emails about my micro-dermal piercing every time it makes an appearance on my snapchat or Instagram so I thought I’d dedicate a blog post to my experience with it so far.

I’ve wanted an MD on my wrist since I was like 18, I’ve always found them so pretty but my obsession with them died down and I never went further than an ear piercing. A few months ago however I decided I wanted to poke a few new holes in my ears and so Reem & I planned which ear piercings we were going to get. I wanted my tragus done for sure and maybe a couple others but once I arrived at Soul Rise I was overwhelmed and impulsively asked the lovely piercer to give me an MD!

As with all the unusual things I do, I got Reem to video the process. BE WARNED there is some blood so if you’re queasy… move along swiftly! But if you’d like to watch it, click: MD procedure


The first week after my MD was a nightmare, my entire wrist bruised up and swelled like crazy. I was cleaning the piercing with a saline solution every day and I kept a plaster firmly on it to keep the MD within the skin but I genuinely thought that my body was rejecting the stud.

Just as I was reaching the end of my patience, the swelling dramatically went down and so did the bruising. I kept the piercing clean and tried my best to avoid snagging it on anything (it happened once and I had to physically push the MD back into it’s place *shudders*). For nearly 2 weeks afterwards though, I noticed that it was excessively erm leaking? A clear liquid kept being discharged and I had to keep changing the plaster every hour. I aired it out and just kept wiping the liquid and it eventually stopped.



2 months on and I’m confident to say it’s all healed and good! I’ve had no issues with it since the healing process and apart from it getting slightly caught in my shower loofa every now and then, it hasn’t snagged much. I’m actually still having issues with my tragus piercing!


I hope this was somewhat informative and if you have any questions about it feel free to reach out to me!



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