DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

DIY Makeup Brush Spot Cleaner

I have a massive obsession with wiping down all my makeup with alcohol. I do this weekly (would be more often but I just have too many products) so it’s only natural i always have an alcohol based brush cleaner for on the spot and quick sanitising for all my brushes. I’ve been doing this DIY for years as I refuse to pay around £15+ for a brush cleaning solution that is so basic. So, here’s how:


Tea Tree Oil

Witch Hazel

99% Rubbing Alcohol

A spray/Pour Bottle

Mixing Jug


Easy, throw all the ingredients into your mixing jug and mix thoroughly. I usually eyeball it all but tend to generally use 2 parts alcohol, 1 part witch hazel and 5 or so drops of tea tree oil (this stuff is potent so be warned!). You can also throw in a drop or two of leave in hair conditioner to soften brush hairs after use, but I choose not to complicate the ingredients for this easy DIY!

Pour everything into your container and you’re ready to go! Just pop some of the cleaner onto a towel or cotton pad and rub your brush bristles through the solution to clean them of any makeup and bacteria.

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